Holly’s Pets

Holly has owned many pets over the years. Here you can meet a few of them.

Name: Alice

Breed: English Bull Terrier

Favourite food: Anything she could steal!

Likes: Nicking tissues out of people’s pockets

Dislikes: Sandy paws, we always had to carry her at the beach


Name: Rosie

Breed: Tabby

Favourite food: Cheese and onion crisps

Likes: Sleeping somewhere warm

Dislikes: Being put in a cat basket


Name: Marble and Sammy – they were brother and sister

Breed: Tabby

Sammy’s favourite food: Tuna fish

Marble’s favourite food: She’d eat anything!

Sammy likes: Nicking mushrooms and chasing them

Marble likes: Sleeping

Sammy dislikes: Moving house

Marble dislikes: Being woken up!


Name: Milly

Breed: Bengal

Favourite food: Ham

Likes: Getting into places she shouldn’t

Dislikes: Pigeons daring to fly into her garden